Looking for Help to Assure Your Success in Documentary Television?

Peter Hamilton’s mission is to help documentary professionals succeed in their ventures. 

He and his associates have provided expert solutions to compelling issues in the documentary television industry for more than 20 years. 

Clients turn to him and his firm, Peter Hamilton Consultants, as trusted experts in a global documentary market that is valued at more $3 billion.

Our clients seek answers to questions like these:

For Existing Channels

  • How can we improve the perfomance of our mature channels?
  • What are the benchmarks for the operations of our competitors?
  • Can we extend our brand and operations internationally?
  • How will the new broadband and IPTV technologies disrupt our businesses?
  • What strategies should we employ for new media?
  • Who should we hire to ensure our success?

For Producers

  • Who are the most receptive commissioning editors for our ideas? 
  • Where can I best meet them?
  • What will they pay?
  • Can our proposal and pitch and be improved?
  • What are the budget line items that are acceptable to various channels?
  • Can new media concepts be integral to our productions? Or can they be “bolted on?”
  • Who should distribute our productions?
  • Are co-production partners available? And where?
  • What are the tax advantages available through working in, say, Ireland or Canada?

For Distributors

  • Who are the emerging producers and buyers?
  • How are digital media changing deal terms?
  • Who are our new competitors?

For Participants in New Ventures

  • Where are the opportunities in the $2 billion global documentary market?
  • What is a persuasive business plan for a hyper-niche digital service or a VOD channel?
  • How can we pitch to cable and satellite distributors?
  • Can you help us to understand and resolve digital rights issues?
  • Who are our potential financial partners?
  • Can you help us hire the best possible staff for our venture?

Our Solutions

       Business Planning

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & business development plans
  • Best practice studies
  • Valuations
  • Strategic partner introductions and assessments
  • Technical assessments

       Programming & Production

  • Content sourcing for new services
  • Production budgeting
  • Audience research
  • Personal coaching

       Professional Services

  • Expert witness reports
  • Executive search
  • Plan professional congresses, festivals and markets
  • Personal executive coaching

Our Clients

World-leading players have engaged Peter Hamilton Consultants to help them address challenging problems and provide professional solutions. Since 1985, our valued clients have included:

  • Discovery Communications
  • CBS Corp
  • NBC News
  • BBC
  • National Geographic Television
  • Scripps Networks
  • Rainbow Networks
  • Tile Films
  • The Weather Channel
  • The Outdoor Channel
  • The Smithsonian Channel
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • ABC Australia
  • WDR Germany
  • And dozens more industry leaders worldwide.

The firm also assists entrepreneurial start ups, governments and non-profits. 

Recent Projects

  • For a U.S. multi-channel group: we completed a study of music rights management practices
  • For a U.S. network: we planned and launched channels in Europe and Asia
  • For the trade arm of a European government: we planned and successfully implemented a television market entry strategy
  • For a leading U.S. non-profit: we developed a content strategy and secured funding from a commercial partner
  • For a new U.S. factual channel: we sourced competitive HD programming
  • For a satellite provider: we developed an IPTV sales strategy

Our Consulting Teams

Peter Hamilton is a former CBS executive who earlier earned his MBA at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Our consulting teams are comprised of similarly qualified senior associates who bring a wealth of experience as executives and consultants to a wide spectrum of strategic consulting projects. The associates are based in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

For more information about the firm and its successful projects, see About Us and Clients.


To find solutions to the challenges you face in the documentary television market, or to get more information, contact Peter Hamilton, call 718-624-3660 or email r2k@verizon.net.

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