For leading non-profits, Peter Hamilton Consultants creates Internet-based video ‘channels’ that appeal to core audiences while attracting major partners and funders.
Video is the fastest growing medium on the Internet. Websites that lack video suddenly seem dated. Corporate, non-profit and government organizations are facing an urgent challenge to upgrade their Internet communications strategies by introducing video to their sites.

However, television is a notoriously costly medium. Many producers bring ‘legacy’ production standards and budgets from their broadcast careers that are far too costly for Internet audiences. And yet the ‘User-Generated Video’ style seen on YouTube and in the blogosphere is not credible when used in a communications effort that is dedicated to important issues.

PHC has developed a solution that delivers a high production standard at an affordable cost. The firm creates ‘micro-channels’ that rely on a tight format, professional graphics sequences, and very low cost video shooting. The video is supported by valuable text and graphics, and is linked to social networking platforms.

For example, PHC created two innovative television / Internet series for the leading U.S. public television channel serving the Latino market:

  • In a partnership with HACU, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, PHC created College Admissions 411, a 16-part television series dedicated to inspiring and informing Latinos about the college admissions process. Contributors to College Admissions 411 include MIT, CUNY, Columbia University, USC, Texas A&M University, South Texas College and many other leading colleges and non-profits. Sponsors include the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Inmigracion 411 is a 27 x half-hour series also produced for HITN that provides U.S. Latinos with urgently needed and comprehensive information about Immigration and the Law. The series is broadcast nationally in prime time, and distributed via the Internet as a broadband channel. Thousands of Latinos have emailed their urgent immigration questions to the series’ inspirational host, the L.A.-based attorney Victor Nieblas.

This template is exportable to any non-profit agency that is seeking to establish a contemporary, video-enriched communications program that appeals to its core audience as well as to potential donors and partners.

The PHC production team includes experienced web designers and award-winning television producers with years of experience working for leading U.S. networks.

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